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The way you communicate has a major impact on your ability to get along with the various people in your life.

Taking the time to recognize your style and improve your interpersonal skills is defini.

New Providence Film Maker On the Bill at SOMA Film Festival – programs for your viewing pleasure.

and one summer night will change her life forever. Shot in one consecutive take. In Stitches (55:00) directed by Hannah Rafkin and Meg Robbins (Maplewood) follow.

Tony Robbins.

in your work, you’ll eventually beat any talent, luck, skill, and even quality — just by being consistent. Consistency will make you feel like a loser. All the time.

but none will make your jaw drop like this one. Containing possibly Hugh Grant’s best performance, this delicate adaptation of the Nick Hornby novel tells the story of a grown man who learns how to be.

by Anthony Robbins, the author of “Awaken the Giants.

which is the feeling that there’s something you want in your life but you’ll never get it.

the solution is to realize that.