[trusted] Pamela Bruner – Tapping Into The Inner Game Of Sales Homestudy

[trusted] Pamela Bruner – Tapping Into The Inner Game Of Sales Homestudy 3.5 out of 5 based on 17 ratings.

Or maybe you WERE generating consistent leads and sales at one point and you thought you had it made in the shade.

. (been there) but then all of a suddon.

the platform you were advertising on changed their rules.

Maybe you even lost your account.

(been there too)

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Pamela Bruner. Free Audio – Tapping into the Inner Game of Sales On this powerful audio, you’ll learn: • The 3 ways we've been conditioned that sales are sleazy and EXACTLY what to do to turn that around. • My super-simple Transformational Sales system, so you can feel good and confident about sales (yes, it IS possible!)

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